Financial Empowerment Summit

Bridging the Divide in Windsor – Essex

This community event will be held October 21, 2016 to bring together experts, community organizations, government, businesses and women to discuss the barriers and challenges faced by women in Windsor – Essex. The Summit will act as the platform to which the Needs Assessment Report will be released to the public, showcasing the contributions of financial institutions and women working together to address women’s financial needs. At the event there will be an unveiling of a campaign to promote real life scenarios of women’s experiences moving towards financial well-being; a guest speaker with expertise in women’s financial capacity building; and stories shared by local women who have triumphed over financial pitfalls. We will also be hosting break-out sessions to engage individuals and stakeholders in the next steps to make a positive impact on the financial empowerment of women in Windsor – Essex.

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker this year is Salimah Kassam, Financial Empowerment Manager for the United Way Calgary. The Calgary Financial Empowerment Collaborative has brought together, city, provincial and local partners to create a financial literacy strategy to reduce poverty. She has worked for years to facilitate new venture creation, to strengthen non-profits, and ensure that vulnerable Calgarians have access to the income and assets needed to thrive, and we are thrilled to have her join us for this year’s inaugural event.

To reserve your spot please see the link below or call WEST Inc. (519) 256-6621